Pilates Reformer/Tower Class: 55 minutes. Maximum of 6 people. Class performed on the Pilates apparatus (reformer & tower). Monthly registration required to secure your spot in the class. Breaks down to $22 per class. Place in class cannot be guaranteed until paid in full.  To join a Pilates Reformer/Tower Class you must have at least 1 private or duet session to determine skill level. (Strength Work on the Pilates apparatus is prohibited for those under the age of 13)

Pilates Mat Class: 55 minutes. Class open to all levels. Classical sequence taught by Joe Pilates over 9 decades ago.  Core (PowerHouse) work performed on a mat with stretching sprinkled throughout. Correct form and execution of movement is the highest priority. No advance registration necessary. $15 for single class or $55 for a 5 Class Card.

Gentle Yoga Stretch: 55 minutes practice. Open to all levels. Relaxing class focusing on movement, flexibility and finishing with deep relaxation. No advance registration necessary. $15 for single class or $55 for a 5 Class Card.

Vinyasa Yoga: 55 minute practice. Open to all levels.  Flow of poses promoting fluidity of movement , correct alignment, focus on breath, balance and finishing with a deep relaxation. No advance registration necessary. $15 for single class or $55 for a 5 Class Card.

SyntheCore Barre Class: 55 Minute Class.  Open to all levels. Half socks must be worn and can be purchased at studio. Classical ballet barre exercises to promote proper posture, toning and flexibility.  The class will have calisthenics, yoga & Pilates exercises sprinkled throughout. No advance registration necessary $15 Single class or $55 for a 5 Class Card.

Pilates Arc Class: 55 Minute Class: This is a new 8 person class using the Balanced Body Pilates Arc. Like all Pilates classes this is a core focused class with the bonus of mindful ribcage mobility, chest openers and deep breathing to name a few. At this time registration is week by week and can be done by email or in person. If class is missed it will be deducted from 5 Class Card.

SyntheCore is a boutique studio requiring registration must be done in person or through email: SyntheCoreStudio@gmail.com

Registration is confirmed when payment is accepted. Checks and credit cards accepted.

Those enrolled in a class must re-register 2 weeks prior to next month. Open Registration will be 1 week before start of month. 

Make-Up Policy for missed Group Reformer/ Tower Class

 Minimum 24 hour notice of your missed Group Reformer/ Tower class must be given to be eligible to Make-Up your class at a later date.

Make-Up Class is not transferable & must be done within 2 months while being registered for the month.

1) You can attend another Group Reformer/ Tower class provided space is available and spot is confirmed.

2) In lieu of your missed class you can attend a Pilates Mat class, Yoga class or Barre class. 

Private Sessions & Duet Sessions 

Class must be paid for prior to scheduled appointment. 

24 hour cancellation policy must be signed prior to session. 

Price of class will be charged for late cancellation.


10 & 5 Class Card expires 2 months from date of purchase. Same card can be shared by significant others and children.