Spring Branch Square

Spring Branch Square


7717 Long Point Rd. Suite #16
Houston, TX 77055
United States

T: +1 (832) 469-2297

E: SyntheCoreStudio@gmail.com


Facebook: Synthecore Studio

Code of Conduct/ Studio Etiquette

 *Please respectful of everyone sharing the space. Be mindful of personal space and do not step on someone’s mat.

 *Please set phones to vibrate or off. Phone calls need to be held outside of the studio.

 *Please keep in mind others need to listen and understand instructions

 *Personal conversations should be limited to before and/or after class.

 *Rude behavior or outbursts of any kind will NOT be tolerated and will lead to removal from class and/or possible expulsion from SyntheCore.

 *Please refrain from wearing ANY perfumes or scented lotions when taking class.

 *Please wear Yoga pants/ tights, running tights or compression tights.

 *If wearing shorts, bicycle shorts or tights MUST be worn underneath.

 *The Bamboo floor is SHOE FREE ZONE, please leave under benches in entrance.

 *The Bamboo floor is highly susceptible to water damage, bottles with lids ONLY.

 *SyntheCore reserves the right to need to cancel classes in case of an emergency. Email notification will be sent out at the earliest convenience(Please provide a current and reliable email for this and other studio information)

 *Classes are 55 minutes in length. Most are held one directly after another. Please maintain the cleanliness of the studio for the next session by wiping down mats and equipment with ONLY the cleaning items provided by SyntheCore.  

 *We are a non-toxic environment.  Personal cleaning items are not to be used.

* Please be on time for class. Many classes start in silence with short meditation. Arriving late is disruptive. 

 *All communication of clients personal scheduling needs or concerns MUST BE IN EMAIL FORM(SyntheCore is not to be held responsible for scheduling information being passed along as you are headed out the door)