SyntheCore Studio is a new classical Pilates & yoga studio in Spring Branch.  
The Classical Pilates Method is a series of exact exercises performed in a specific order developed over 9 decades ago by Joseph Pilates.  Among many activities Pilates was a boxer and gymnast who believed the body's optimal performance stemmed directly from one's core, or as he referred to it 'Power House'.  Developing correct form in these exercises benefits students in a multitude of ways.  Practitioners will discover better structural and muscular alignment, a stronger core (Power House), greater flexibility, balance and increased muscle tone.  Embraced by professional athletes and the dance community as part of their regular workout regime and rehabilitations, Pilates is for everyone. Anyonelooking to fortify their mind /body connection and gain overall strength will benefit from the Pilates method.  The exercises are beneficial for people of all ages, abilities and levels.  

At the core of yoga classes at SyntheCore Studio is focus on proper alignment, breath and connecting/listening to your body.  In this fast paced world everyone  needs to hold 'quiet time' for themselves.  Time to breathe and 'be in the moment'.  The practice of yoga (Sanskrit for 'union')  provides a wonderful opportunity for the mind and body to come together in search of balance.  Suitable for all ages and levels these classes deliver a truly refreshing practice that should be experienced by all.

SyntheCore is an environmentally responsible studio. When you and your children are in our studio you can rest assured there are no hidden toxins in the space. We use Seventh Generation Biodegradable cleaning products as well as essential oils to clean daily. Our "Balanced Body" Pilates mats & "Manduka" Yoga mats are non-toxic, PVC free. Our Yoga Blocks and Yoga bolsters are also made by Manduka. Synthecore Studio has beautiful floating Bamboo floors, which are an eco-conscious alternative to wood floors. The padding is Made with 100% post consumer recycled granulated rubber tires. Our Entrance area has FLOR carpet tiles.  SyntheCore Studio used Low VOC stain was used for all wood trim.

  • (From Manduka Website)"In general, PVC is not environmentally friendly, as it seeps toxins into landfills and toxins are often released during the manufacturing process. However, we are happy to report that that our PRO mats are free of toxins (specifically phthalate free) and that the PRO manufacturing process is certified emissions free" "Manduka’s Recycled Foam Block is the first among equals – consisting of over 50% recycled EVA foam, this lightweight yoga block provides unbeatable comfort, style and support"
  • ( From the FLOR website) "It starts by sourcing reclaimed and recycled materials for every FLOR tile.  Manufactured in progressive, energy-efficient facilities that use less water and energy and produce less waste.  And a recycling program that ensures the designs you’ve loved can be passed on to the next generation"
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